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This is The Collectors Cartel

Hi, Joe here, Owner of The Collectors Cartel!

I Started Collecting Toys When I Was Just A Kid. I Had An Older Cousin And Wise Adults Who Would Tell Me To Keep My Toys In Package Or Keep Them In General, For One Day They Would Be Valuable! And I Listened.

I've Always Been A Fan Of Pop Culture, Movies, Shows, Games, Music, and Everything 80s and 90s, 

I Got Really Serious About Collecting Toys About 8 Years Ago, And I Began To Find A Passion For Not Just Hunting My Favorite Toys, But Seeing The Joy And Excitement In People When Their Memories Are Unlocked Through Seeing A Childhood Toy Or Being Reminded Of A Forgotten Thing Of Their Past. 

That Inspired Me To Start A Site Where I Sell Some Cool Toys, Tee Shirts, And Bring The World Some Retro Awesomeness!! 

I Do All This On My Own, I Have A Regular Day Job, I Use My Free Time To Hunt Toys, Design Shirts, Manage My Social Media To Build The Brand, And Manage This Website.

My Aim Is To Build A Reputable Name In The Online Collectors Community, Give People A Place To Browse Merch, And To Showcase Some Of The Coolest Parts Of Growing Up As An 80s or 90s Kid!

I Hope You Find Things You Remember And Enjoy, I Cant Wait To Do Business With You,

To All Lovers Of Everything Retro And Collectible, Consider Yourself A Member Of

The Collectors Cartel 

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