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"Tommy's Revenge" Custom Michael Myers Mask

"Tommy's Revenge" Custom Michael Myers Mask

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As a personal fan of Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers I saw this mask several years ago on ebay and had to have it. It's an imagining of what the mask looked liked in the final shots of the movie after Paul Rudd's Character Tommy Doyle injects Michael with an unknown green substance and proceeds to beat him with a large pipe until blood and the green ooze are seeping from the mask in quick cuts. It's definitely a unique take that not all will enjoy but I'm ready to pass it on to the next part 6 super fan.

"Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers" is the sixth installment in the Halloween film series. The plot revolves around the return of the infamous serial killer Michael Myers. Here's a short plot synopsis:

"After years of silence, Michael Myers awakens and resumes his killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois. A mysterious cult, known as the Thorn Cult, is revealed to be controlling him and seeking to harness his evil for their own purposes. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Loomis, the psychiatrist who has been pursuing Michael for years, teams up with a young woman named Kara Strode, a distant relative of Laurie Strode, to stop the relentless killer and unravel the dark secrets behind the curse that binds him. As Halloween night approaches, a deadly confrontation unfolds, and the legacy of Michael Myers takes a terrifying turn."

The film delves into the supernatural elements surrounding Michael Myers and explores the origins of his evil, adding a new layer of mystery to the Halloween franchise.

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